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Yu Zhang always in the lookout for new techniques to try and exploring her understanding of design. She consumed with how the jewelry fits on the body. When someone tries on a piece of her jewelry, she wants the first thought to be, "jewelry is a special way to insist on the art." As though they could never imagine a time when it wasn't there.

Yu Zhang has been designing and creating jewelry since she came to San Francisco. She graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art School and completely finished the four-year bachelor program of art design in 2016, then she found the new way to express her feelings, life, and personal experiences which through the jewelry. Since she came to the Academy of Art University, she has been working hard with metal, she is an artist at heart, she also has an equal passion for jewelry. Metals, or gemstones that make up a ring, and more about the sum of those parts and what they mean for the people who create them.