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Geometric shapes are everywhere. Angles, shapes, lines, line segments, curves, and other aspects of geometry are in every single place you look, even on this page. Letters themselves are constructed of lines, line segments, and curves. I love to use mixed media materials to build my jewelry art pieces. I often use acrylic and fabric, mixed with metal, to create artworks, and I adjust my process and choose the materials that are the best fitting for the specific project. However, my visual vocabulary consists of natural, organic forms. In my works, I try to find a correlation between nature, social environment, and the human body, with its experiences and limitations, so I create jewelry with geometric shapes from natural objects, I design and fabricate forms made of copper and bronze, and I construct cubes made of bronze and acrylic. I believe that artifacts or objects in our life are more related to each other than we often assume.
When I think about nature, bodies, objects, and space, I think of the boundaries between them. Then, I try to dismiss those boundaries by creating an artwork that shows one element through a visual vocabulary of the others. In my Crown Head Piece, I contrast this organic shape creating a “boundary” against the geometric space or negative shape. I try to find the best way to connect geometric and organic shapes or forms. The artwork is also an exploration into the relationship or contrast between organic structures and geometric forms. In my Beehive bracelet, the bee and beehive come from our daily life or our natural world, but also a beehive is a geometric shape which is a hexagon, therefore, the object itself is a very interesting combination. Geometric structure is common in nature at very small scales, so my artwork might also be thought of as exploring the relationship between the very large and the very small. Complexity is a key element of the work. In many of my paintings, complex, organic patterns and geometric forms are juxtaposed to compare complexity and intricacy in different realms of visual perception.
The organic form was inspired by the Art Nouveau period. My philosophy remains the same; jewelry elements can come from any part of a person's life. It evokes the natural pull of many people, because it embodies the simple beauty of nature. It is poetic and whimsical, but still loyal to its elements. My design utilizes the largest and most obvious, to the smallest most obscure symbols of life. Leaves, vines, branches, seaweeds, flowers, insects, birds, and marine elements are inlaid with gemstones, like diamonds, which are the organic accents used to make this gorgeous jewel. I gather these plants and small animals, then I organize them by specific characteristics, shapes, and by their relationship to the geometric and organic world.